Contemporary Bathroom Vanities – The Freshest Facade in Town

If you want to get a look which is fresh, new and modern then the contemporary bathroom vanities are the things you should use. They might be minimal, linear, futuristic and even metallic. These designs will give your bathroom a very chic look.

Now if you looking for the use of natural materials, then may be these bathroom vanities are not the thing for you, since most of them usually use metal and so on which will good for long term wear and tear. These vanities have many common features like for starters lets talk about the mirrors.

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The mirrors don’t usually have frames. They are like cabinets which are clear lined and have “sink” designs. These sink designs are not very common and therefore have the ability to stand out from the rest. They are like big bowls which is placed on table tops. These are usually called a vessel sink. You get these in different designs but the over all theme of the design is very contemporary.

A very important feature of the contemporary shower screens is the clean and slim cabinets. Also these types of designs have modern faucets rather than the old ones. They can come out of the wall or have very chic and elegant designs. These designs help to save a lot of space, make the bathroom look a lot more spacious.

You can have cabinets out here which are made form steel or even in some cases glass. You can have stained glass, brushed chrome or even acrylic. Choose the type according to your likes and dislikes. These are very popular as they save a lot of space in the bathroom without sacrificing anything from the look of the bathroom.

You get these contemporary bathroom vanities in home stores and other types of hardware stores. These come in packages and you even have sets, so the hassle of mixing and matching out the pieces is overlooked. So these will help to provide your bathroom with a new and even sometimes unique looks and it isn’t all that costly either.